Impact of the photographer’s pre wedding interview with bride and groom on the quality of wedding photos

A topic as old as the world. Probably already extensively described in books, articles or blogs. The question arises - if, since so much has already been said on the topic, it is worth drilling into?

In the name of satisfaction with a well-fulfilled obligation and quality of the final product, it's always worth it. The more that the topic is probably underestimated, both by us - photographers and you - future spouses. I came across the topic several times while exploring the secrets of photography business knowledge. The authors of articles or books emphasize the importance and essence of contact with brides, if not personal, then via the Internet or telephone. The literature on the subject sees a problem here. There can be several reasons for this - from a lack of sense of need to a prosaic lack of time. And the matter is that the interview is the key, the necessary stage of cooperation ensuring the whole spectrum of potential benefits, which I will address in a moment.

It is often the case that when looking at the pictures it is possible to assess whether the photographer knew enough about the brides to ensure the most faithful expression of their personality, capture their emotions, convey the mood of the ceremony and finally ensure the highest quality of the final product. If we have doubts here, it means that there was not enough time or will to communicate honestly. My role as the photographer is to convince you - future spouses to take enough time to meet or contact in order to determine not only the details of the ceremony but also your requirements and tastes, learn your sense of aesthetics, the way you express emotions or habits. If, for some reason, we fail to talk, the end result may be unsatisfactory for me as the photographer, but most importantly for you my clients.

For the sake of your interests, I will do my best to arrange a meeting, even if I had to travel to it. Of course, in extreme cases, too long distance will logically exclude this option. Then I should make the most of other available forms of communication. Then I will have the chance to advise you and facilitate decision making process in areas which you don’t feel comfortable with. It may happen that I will have to make you aware of the importance of exchanging information in order to avoid mutual accusation of errors.

The information obtained during the interview should be archived and there are several ways to do this. From a short note to extensive survey with standard questions for you, which in "an option minimum" can be sent to you by email.

There is no simple recipe for encouraging you to meet or interview. Some brides and grooms are by nature open and willing to devote enough time. These are aware customers. There are also those unaware to whom more time and effort should be devoted. It is up to us photographers to change the unconscious need into readiness for closer cooperation. Yes - cooperation, because the accomplishment of a wedding reportage means not only a busy photographer, but above all mutual relations and a common goal – your great photos.

It cannot be denied that some clients (those with negative attitudes) assume that a good photographer should always deliver, even if he drops by without prior personal contact. Dear bride and groom - it doesn't work that way! Regardless of the fee. It is always worth being open even in the name of own comfort and the quality of the end result.

The most important day in your life is worth the proper commitment.
The closer to the wedding - the less time.
Do you like it?