Photocast - emotions raised one level up

Do we need emotions?  Do we need strong emotions?  Do we like to be moved?
What a question - obviously! Not everyone will agree. Everyone, however, needs it like oxygen, like sunshine. How many times in our short lifes do we have a chance for real emotions or excitements? Statistically a few times, which is not too often. So we uncommonly can experience something that squeezes genuine tears, makes us unable to control them. And this is what makes us human. Let us stay on the optimistic side - the wedding, ours or our child, the birth of a new life. Such a moment reveals our original humanity and is worth everything, certainly framing and commemoration. And here, too, there will probably be opponents of this thesis. Emotions, however, are the greatest when they come from the largest possible number of our senses. Looking at pictures, we employ only the sense of sight - twenty percent of man's possibilities. Only twenty percent! And often, only twenty percent is enough to arouse a noble excitement.

To strengthen it I would easily add another twenty percent. Sound, music is something that provide us with such possibilities. In fact, music is the primary cause of most of our emotions. It is with the music that we associate important moments in our lives, first loves, first dances, first kisses, failures and successes. This is due to the fact that sound stimuli broadcasted by radio, television or other mass media reach us involuntarily. Music, unlike photos, is ubiquitous every day and accompanies us everywhere. We do not even realize how often the success of this or that film in showbusiness is determined by the soundtrack. Composing and  appropriate alignment of music to the film plays a colossal role and appears to be a complex art. I will therefore venture to say that the picture is a secondary matter. The solution here is a skillful combination of these two stimuli. Photocast offers such possibilities.

Someone may accuse me of promoting my own business. I see nothing wrong in skillful marketing. It's all about something else - to see the undoubted advantages of photocast as something that adds value and helps us better reflect emotions. I think so, and I have no doubt that a well-tailored photocast should become as important as the prints in a nice album or a photobook. Photocast however, unlike an album or photobook, can always be with you, for example in the phone. What is more - it is not complicated in handling the presentation. Frankly, in order to take full advantage of it one should watch such a show on a sufficiently big screen with the appropriate quality of audio equipment connected to it. Believe me - it makes a huge difference.
Do you like it?