Shouldn't you use the best tool available? Film is obsolete!

Is film archaic? Yes. Obsolete? Absolutely not.
I think a lot of people assume that photography is a zero sum game. Because digital is the 800 pound gorilla, there is no room for film anymore. It is as if there are only X amount of pictures to be taken and film can't possibly compete in a digital realm. 

We have set up a competition that does not exist. There is no Analog vs Digital. There are only photographers who take photographs. 

When digital painting arrived, did painting on canvas go away? No. When motorized boats came along, did rowboats cease to be used? Nope. Did everyone go out and shoot their horses when cars came along? Maybe? Well, you get the idea. People still paint because they love painting. People go for a leisurely row on the pond because it makes them feel good. People ride horses because... well I don’t not know.

I know it makes trolls feel good to knock others for their choice, be it either analog or digital. But I just do not think it is a productive argument. There are things that either medium does better than the other. 

When I am shooting commercially and I have an art director over my shoulder, you are damn right I am shooting digitally. The day goes smoother, more efficiently, and communication between the higher ups and myself is cleaner when I am tethered to a computer. 

If I am shooting for myself, I am usually shooting film, mostly for the reasons I mentioned above, but also because I like larger formats and I can't afford a true medium format digital back. And large format? Forget about it. Nothing digital comes close to that feel. But the beauty of not feeling tied to either medium is that I don't feel obligated to a "team." 

Why not just have tools in the tool bag that are appropriate for a given situation? Just do what makes you happy and forget about the labels. The more open you are the art form and all if its facets, the more well-rounded you will become.

We are here to make photographs, not wave flags.
Do you like it?