My name is Maciej Kitlinski

“Beauty can be seen in all things, seeing and composing the beauty is what separates the snapshot from the photograph.”
Matt Hardy

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I have been taking photos since I remember, since the moment in mid-seventies of last century when my parents bought me my first camera. It has been my great passion from that moment on. 
Therefore I graduated from pro level wedding photography course at Academy of Photography, flash lamps application course at Nikon Academy, landscape photography courses, and a number of photography related ones. I hold the license which entitles me to photograph and film liturgical celebrations. Additionally I am a licensed commercial drone pilot. Since I used to live and work in different places abroad I am fluent in English – it is my second language. I can easily communicate in French and Russian too.

The qualifications are confirmed by the following credentials:

Few words about me

Regardless whether it is wedding, portrait, event, landscape or automotive photography I am fascinated by the art of painting with light. I am fan of natural light  - it guaranties natural tones, reproduction of colors and the mood. It is all about reflecting the emotions and capturing the mood. My objective is to tell your splendid story in honest, natural, original and extraordinary manner. I love what I do and strive for excellence. 
In my work, I rely on the best mission tailored equipment sets. Normally I use full-frame bodies (Nikon) supported by sometimes better suited cameras with crop sized sensors (Fujifilm). The lenses and the flashes also come from the top shelf to deliver necessary amount of creative light to start with. 
I offer a professional, organized but friendly and relaxed service. I would like you to feel like you are with a good friend, easy and comfortable getting the final product of the best quality. I would be delighted if you join me for photo quest.

Thank you for visiting my website, welcome to my photo-world, feel at home!

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