Creativity – beware! Sometimes the better is enemy of the good

I decided to devote this post to classics and creativity in photography. Does it require discussion at all? Certainly, as in all areas of our lives, as well as in photography, wild drive towards creativity is clearly plane to see. Today, everyone is required to be creative. If we are not creative, we face difficulties finding employment, we can be accused of conservative posture, it is easier to get tagged as a boring person or even a flax. You are not creative - you are expendable. I think it is just a misunderstanding – not always creative means progressive or resourceful. The best example in which creativity brings unambiguously negative associations is accounting. Except accounting, it has a positive meaning and that is it, full stop.
In creative areas, which include photography, many artists apply innovation and there is nothing surprising or wrong about it, especially when it brings about excellent results and allows you to be successful. Sometimes, however, the better is the enemy of the good.
In most cases blind drive to be creative ceases to bear the hallmarks of creative exploration and becomes the pursuit of being different. Everyone has the right to be different, to be what he wants. Let's not get caught up in the creativity trap. I know, something that today is a classics was once avant-garde creative. This is the logical turn of things. However, this does not refer to everything, but only to what stood the test of time and criticism. I would like to avoid being pigeonholed in a clan of conservatives. The classic, however, defends itself. Sometimes it's better to spend time refining the classics instead of defending what cannot be defended. The trick is to find a healthy compromise and sense of aesthetics.
Someone could say, however, that in photography everything have been already invented and there is nothing left to be done. Absurd - of course it can be done. But not at any price.

Soon something on a completely different topic.

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