Trash the dress - a popular trend, but not yet in Poland

“Trash the dress” is nothing but a photo shoot, during which the wedding dress in short - is not saved. Pictures take place in various open spaces - in water, on sand, on the beach during painting with paint, in car workshops or abandoned buildings of old factories. How and where the session is to take place depends mainly on the bride and groom, and of course, the creativity of the photographer.

It seems trivial and not very revealing. What else can you think of to revive the wedding photography market? Probably a lot. And here it turns out that the trends can be very regional. They are better accepted only in certain environments. The same is true of "trash the dress", for which our domestic market is more resistant. Of course, you can find such sessions’ shots on the net, but it's difficult to call it fashion. Yet, believe it or not, it's been 18 years since Michael Cooper inaugurated this style of photography in 2001 when he worked in Las Vegas. Since then, he has become his precursor, and some of his frames (often referring to classic literary works) have become almost iconic. It is worth noting, however, that the first signs of something similar were noted in the media much earlier - as in the example of the series "Sunset Beach" from 1998, when Meg Cummings after running off her wedding ceremony runs into a wedding dress into the ocean.

Are you tired of all these mawkish, boring sessions? The groom does not want to agree to the pictures in the outdoors "because they are too feminine"? The answer for you, may be "trash the dress". Why is it worth it? Certainly because the time of artificial forced posed shots is slowly passing by. Maybe you should think about something that will let the gentlemen loosen up in front of the lens. The vision of crazy fun has a very positive effect on male instincts and will surely appeal to majority of the grooms. On the other hand, young people are looking for new inspirations and original ideas, and the “ trash the dress” sessions are a great place to play for crazy and interesting arrangements of wedding sessions. The best thing, however, is that apart from the amazing atmosphere that prevails during this type of session, the effect is often one of the most beautiful and the most interesting wedding photographs.  
Regardless of whether it is a light version, when the dress becomes only slightly soiled, or it is a hard version, when it is completely destroyed vision is financially frightening? After all, such a dress is a dream of every bride and a considerable expense. It is common knowledge, however, what fate most often meet these dresses - it's hard to sell, it's impossible to use it for the second time, so they land somewhere deep in the cabinets as dust absorbers. So why do not give them a second life? Let them come useful one more time. I know, it's an extremely difficult decision, but all you have to do is to be brave and take it.

“Trash the dress” trend is a subject not only for photographers, but also (and maybe above all) for young people who are the originators of such a session. They can let their imagination run wild, express their deepest passions, refer to their favorite motifs. Such a session becomes then really a form of a role-playing game session - except that the photos remain in addition to memories. Typically, such sessions are characterized by an ironic form, humor, surprise, and even shock - how else can you react, seeing a photo of the groom with a cigarette near a vintage car with a shovel in his hand, and with a half-closed trunk protrudes the leg and hem of the dress? They almost always refer to other photographic and film works, paintings, comic books, theater plays, serials, etc. First and foremost, however, it is playing with all conceivable conventions. They can also be high-risk sessions in which security and control over their course is extremely advisable.

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